Acconss Care


Acconss Care” is  a divison  indicating our nano coatings for anti bacterial effects, anti odour and clean air specifications in different segments were people meet each other. Nanotechnology is a key technology of the twenty-first century and will find its way into many areas of life.


It is important to benefit from the great potentials of Nanotechnology for economy and society in a sensible and responsible way but also to evaluate possible risks and to exclude dangers for our environment and our health.

Nanotechnology is about particles with a size of few nanometres. One nanometre (nm) is one billionth, or 10-9 of a meter. Nano particles and nano-structures are composed of only a few atoms or molecules and show physical and chemical properties which clearly differ from our known surface qualities.

Today nano products are used manifoldly. Examples can be found in the areas such as electronic engineering, medicine, cosmetics or surface-technology. Here we find application systems which give completely new properties to surfaces. That way surfaces coated with nanotechnology, depending on the product, are extremely stain-resistant, scratch-proof, self-cleaning and antibacterial or even able to clean our air from nitrogen oxide and organic fine dust.