Air Purification

Business /Office
SBS – Sick Building Syndrome

The air for Breathing – so important but often so polluted. In many areas gas emissions from building materials or furnishings and unpleasant odors disturb the well-being of people quite massive. Diseases such as the « Sick Building Syndrome », the so-called « building-related illness“, often lead to massive health problems and high costs.

Viruses and germs are transmitted in addition to the direct contact, not uncommonly, in the form of tiny droplets through the air. Moulds, fine dust from printers and copiers and emissions from building materials can cause allergies or asthma.

Public / Transport
Risk of infection in the tightest of quarters…

In buses, trains and airplanes, every day many people come together at close quarters. Thus, the transmission of germs through the ambient air is inevitable. Even air conditioning systems contribute to that.

Public Transport

Acconss Care coatings clean the air continuously and, accordingly, prevent the distributon of germs effectively and permanently, also in public means of transport. The elimination of unpleasant odours is an additional benefit.

Food Industry

Hygienic requirements at its highest level…

Pathogen-free production environments are an absolute must in the food processing industry. There already exist sophisticated standards for the sanitation of the surfaces of machines and repositories. However, the problem of transmission of germs via the ambient air is still open.

Right here, the use of Acconss Care products provides a consistent and effective remedy in production and staff environments. Furthermore, apart from the luminous flux which in any case is required, there is no demand for any additional energy.

Hotels and Gastronomy
High hygienic standards for the guest…

Clean indoor air is a business card of each quality-conscious hotel and restaurant operator. Acconss care coating eliminate unpleasant odours from kitchens, smoking areas and restrooms reliably, silently and non-toxic. In addition, the proliferation of germs and bacteria through the room will be prevented.

A practical example: by the installation of just two Acconss Care-coated lights, the VOC-contamination is reduced by more than 90 %!