Akwadur Sloped Roof

Product description:

AKWADUR roof coatings are based on thermo-stabilising binding agent polymers with excellent adhesion, UV stabilisers, and IR reflective pigments. AKWADUR SR has very high elasticity and tensile strength, a high rate of coverage, is very durable, and adheres excellently. AKWADUR SR is a membrane which is completely waterproof after drying and available in different colors.


Application areas

Highly elastic water-soluble roof sealant based on high
quality copolymers and non-fading pigments for all types of pitched roofs.

Forms of application

See Technical data sheet

Product characteristics

Practically odourless
Ensures a seamless, waterproof membrane
Very elastic
Universal adhesion
Protects against frost damage
Excellent UV protection for polyurethane foam
Heat-reflective layer ensures cost reduction of the cooling system if painted white.
Easy to clean
Very easy to process
Contains no flammable solvents or asphalt
Little VOC