Algo Bio

Product description :

Algo Bio Inhibitor is an effective, non hazardous, ready to use product which removes and inhibits future growth of green algae, organic matter and micro-organisms on a multitude of surfaces. It is widely and successfully used by both private contactors and local authorities for paths, driveways, roofs, fencing, steps. Algo treats and prevents slippery paths and steps. Algo has the unique ability to prevent regrowth for a period of up to 3 years.

Algo Bio exterior 840x350

Product characteristics

Proven effective for cleaning mortar smears and other common construction soiling
Replaces traditional mineral and organic acid products
Low odour and water rinsable
Non fuming
Environmentally responsible

Non fuming
Environmentally responsible
Suitable for interior cleaning

Application areas

Algo is effective in controlling most bacteria and micro-organisms on a multitude of surfaces, after initial removal of heavy surface contamination. Algo should be applied and left to dry, it will form an invisible film on the surface that will inhibit future growth of bacteria and all micro-organisms as well as associated unpleasant organic odours.

Forms of application

See Technical data sheet