Product description :

ACCONSS EPOXY NH/QH is a two-component solvent free polyamine cured epoxy system with outstanding corrosion protective properties. Binding agents contain modifying components to ensure excellent adhesion properties on most surfaces. Pigmentation consists of specially developed extenders and coloring pigments, which as a combination gives excellent chemical-, abrasion-, heat- and impact resistance together with a diffusion tightness far beyond what is known for similar products. The product cures rapidly and the surface may be immersed shortly after application. It also cures effectively at temperatures below freezing.
ACCONSS EPOXY NH/QH is moisture tolerant, but application should nonetheless not be done on wet surfaces in order to obtain optimal adhesion values. One should also try to avoid application when relative humidity is above 85% unless this is absolutely necessary. In such cases operation should be followed up closely together with the client or his appointed representative to ensure that surface temperature is above dew point during application.


ACCONSS EPOXY NH/QH is a two-component system. Both the A and B component are delivered predosed in separate packaging. The base or A component contains non-crystallisable epoxy resins. The B component contains the polyamine hardener complex, high-tech modifying agents, lamellar abrasion/impact/heat resistant fillers, and coloring pigments.


ACCONSS EPOXY NH/QH is an outstanding coating designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and may also be used on concrete structures. However, an optimal result requires a well qualified crew when it comes to surface preparation and product application. Coating shall be applied using a spraying device of the “airless” type for the application of two-compound materials. After mixing, the material temperature must be approximately 30°C, i.e. the compounds must be stored in heated premises. Each of the two components had to be well stirred before use! The specified thickness is achieved thanks to application using the method of airless spraying. The uniform layer thickness and even appearance depend on the application method. It is recommended to make a test at the given place of application to find out that the result of the selected method of the product application will comply with the requirements. The specified film-thickness can be achieved with spraying crosscoat, the second layer had to be applied “wet to wet” after short surface drying time of the first layer. Airless spraying: A powerful tool for airless spraying of two-compound materials. Spraying pressure in gun: at least 400 bar; hose diameter: at least 3/8” or 8 mm, , jet: e.g. 0.58 mm, spraying angle: 40 – 80°. (Under ideal conditions the material can be transported to up to 50 metres).