Stain Removers and Poultice

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1217 Poultice

Is an alkaline paste designed for removal of severe atmospheric staining and for controlled removal of paint from masonry surfaces.

1260 Poultice

Is a ready to use non acidic blend of alkaline cleaning compounds, detergents and clays in paste form. Designed for removal of moderate to severe atmospheric staining, 1260 Poultice is appropriate for use on exterior or interior masonry surfaces. 1260 Poultice is manufactured to a creamy paste consistency suitable for trowel or airless spray application. Safe for use on polished or unpolished marble and limestone surfaces, 1260 Poultice removes surface and subsurface staining, restoring treated surfaces to their original appearance.

Marble Poultice

Safely removes surface and deep seated staining from polished stone and porous masonry surfaces. This odourless, non acidic blend of dry absorbent clays and biodegradable detergents, will not etch or discolour marble, limestone or other acid sensitive surfaces. Marble poultice is a smooth paste suitable for trowel application to horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.

Monumentique Paste C

Is a non hazardous synthetic latex cleaning compound for removal of surface soiling. After the product has been applied and left to dwell, it will dry to a skin which can be easily peeled off.

Rust Stain Remover Poultice

Removes deep seated rust and other troublesome metallic stains from masonry and stone surfaces including driveways, walkways, patios and commercial floors. It is a thick, creamy poultice paste which is suitable for trowel application to brick, tile, concrete and most natural stone.

Ferrous Stain Remover

Is a specialty masonry cleaning product which effectively removes iron, manganese, vanadium, straw stains, acid burns and other metallic discolourations from brick, stone, masonry and concrete surfaces.

Copper Stain Remover Poultice

Is designed to remove solubilised deep seated copper sulphate stains and draw staining elements out of the masonry and into the poultice mix. The poultice is then scraped from the surface and the masonry is cleaned with a water wash.


Is a non hazardous natural latex cleaning compound suitable for most types of masonry. Safe on sensitive surfaces, the product is left to dwell, normally within 24 hours, and then peeled off in sheets to be easily disposed of.

Oil Stain Remover Poultice

Is a powerful and easy to use oil and grease stain remover, fast and effective, suitable for most masonry.