Life Fish Vessel

Life Fish Vessel

Corrosion protection on biggest life fish transport

Acconss Epoxy NH/QH   is a solvent free epoxy coating specially designed to give optimal protection against corrosion. It distinguishes itself in particular with its diffusion tightness that makes this product able to prevent penetration of water molecules and oxygen to the metal surface, thus isolating the surface from the two parameters that make corrosion possible.

This product was developed in the early 80’s first of all for the market of constructions related to drinking water. The product gained through this process an environmental friendly profile in comparison with many other existing paint systems. There are many long time references on different applications during the years.

We have used our system inside the biggest transport ship in the world for life fish transport to give optimal protection against corrosion and  without killing or harming living fish and salmons.

The coating should not have any significant effect on water quality, affecting odour, flavour or colour, or leak components that may cause health effects.

Project Description

Client: Vaagland
Location: Norway