Hydro Power Station

Hydro Power Station

Some figures about the project Hydro Power Installation

Some figures about the project
Capacity :                                          200 MW

Technical specifications about hydropower
Total lenght:                                     1375 m
Total pipe diameter:                       4.5 m
Largest incline:                                25,39° (48%)
Maximum flow rate:                       4,8 m/s at full load
Maximum discharge rate:             76,3 m/s at full load

Total coated inner surface:   19.000 m²
8 Pieces of dams:                         900 m²

The water supply passes via 85m long perpendicular vertical pipeline, wich turns into a 345 m long inclined pipeline, then the line runs approximately 700 m long hoizontaly until the last 90 m inclined pipeline, and finally follows a 40 m rejuvenation to the turbine.

Project Description

Client: Hydro Power Station Luxemburg
Location: Duchy of Luxemburg
Year Completed: 2014