Solar Modules

Product description:

Solar Modules is a photo catalytically-active product for the coating of photovoltaic panels. Surfaces which are coated with have self-cleaning properties: almost any kind of organic compounds will be decomposed and flushed-off by means of (rain) water. Dirt particles will be undermined and flushed-off by rain water. The coating reduces the reflection of sunlight on the module’s surface.¬†Accordingly, the light transmission of the glass is improved. The efficiency of the coated photovoltaic panel will increase up to 3¬†%.

Product characteristics

Super-hydrophilic surfaces
Improved efficiency
Improved scratch resistance

Application areas

Anti-reflex-coating for all types of photovoltaic panels.
The product can be generally applied on all smooth and/or structured glass surfaces.


No primer required.

Forms of application

See Technical data sheet