Stone and Brick Cleaning

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Stone & Renderwash

Effectively removes organic and moisture related soiling and stains from most porous building materials. Easy, fast and safe to use on most materials. It is recommended for exterior use on stone and render, terracotta, monuments, pavings, decking, fences etc.

Light Duty Restoration Cleaner

Safely removes light to moderate atmospheric and oxidation staining from dense masonry surfaces. Removes difficult calcium (concrete) stains, white scum and other staining from most window glass. This highly efficient, gelled cleaner is a colourless blend of cleaning agents, detergents and inhibitors. Compared to conventional acidic restoration cleaner, the corrosive characteristics of Light Duty Restoration Cleaner have been dramatically reduced to minimise the potential for damage to unprotected non masonry surfaces

Restoration Cleaner

Is a concentrated compound formulated as a carbon solubiliser. Used properly, it cleans, brick, granite, sandstone, terracotta, exposed aggregate and other masonry except limestone, marble or concrete. This product has been used to safely restore historic structures world wide. Application to masonry surfaces loosens and dissolves dirt, paint oxidisation, carbon buildup and other atmospheric pollutants. A simple cold water rinse then removes these unsightly stains.

Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner

Is a concentrated compound for cleaning extremely dirty and heavily stained masonry typically found in large cities or high pollution areas. Used properly, it cleans brick, marble, granite, sandstone, terracotta, exposed aggregate and other masonry except limestone and concrete. This product has been safely and effectively used to clean historic structures worldwide.

Heavy Duty Detergent

Is a concentrated formula designed for cleaning heavily stained masonry surfaces and maintenance of surfaces protected with  Tile and Masonry Protector or SLX100. This non acidic detergent is ideal for interior or exterior applications and will not normally affect polished surface.

766 Limestone and Masonry Prewash

Is a strong alkaline based cleaning compound formulated for use with Restoration Cleaner, Limestone Afterwash or Limestone Restorer. When used properly, the prewash dissolves and assists in removing heavy carbon encrustations from brick, terracotta, sandstone, limestone and most other masonry.


Is a cleaner which is powerful, yet environmentally responsible. It is ideal for the maintenance cleaning programme for surfaces protected with STMP – Stone, Tile and Masonry Protector, SLX100, Limestone and Marble Protector or Tile and Masonry Protector. It is extremely dilutable and non hazardous in its concentrated form and effective across a wide range of uses.

Efflorescence Control B

Is a unique, totally clear hydrophilic compound that penetrates deeply into the masonry surface and prevents the recurrence of salt formation and unsightly efflorescence. For use in conjunction with 600 Detergent which removes efflorescence/salts from all types of masonry.

Limestone and Masonry Afterwash

A mild organic acid cleaning compound, neutralises and brightens surfaces that have been prewashed with 766 Limestone and Masonry Prewash. When used properly, this two part cleaning system removes heavy carbon dirt and other atmospheric stains from porous limestone, concrete and most other porous masonry surfaces. 766 Limestone and Masonry Prewash and Limestone and Masonry Afterwash will not damage most masonry surfaces.

Limestone Restorer

Is a concentrated acidic cleaner for unpolished limestone, concrete and cast stone surfaces. Safely removes atmospheric dirt, mildew and many other surface stains without risk of bleaching or discolouration. Ideal for lightly to moderately soiled surfaces.

Liquid Marble Cleaner Gel

Is a non acidic, low odour, blue coloured gel for commercial cleaning, restoration and maintenance of polished stonework or glazed masonry. It loosens and dissolves surface dirt, carbon buildup and other atmospheric stains, allowing them to be washed away with a simple water rinse.