Climate-Shield stucco

Stucco Shield

Is a water base protective coating that can be applied in place of paint, and as an alternative to the conventional and often costly three and more part stucco systems. This unique wall coating can be applied quickly, is much less labor intensive and provides an effective and durable thermal barrier. The base and finish coats incorporate hollow borosilicate ceramic micro spheres. These micro spheres reflect, refract and dissipate heat away from the coated surface. The formula also incorporates a 100% acrylic polymer resin that allows the transmission of water vapor to escape, thus reducing moisture build-up in the wall assembly. This flexible stucco coating bridges hairline cracks and prevents the development of new ones.

Apply a coat of Stucco Base Coat to the entire substrate. Prepare corners and joints with recommended corner bead, mesh and Stucco Finish Coat. Allow drying and then apply a coat of Finish Coat to the entire structure.