Climate-Shield Ceramic Coating

Product description:

CLIMATE-SHIELD Ceramic Coatings are energy-saving, flexible coatings, made from a water-based pure acrylic resin system filled with vacuumed sodium borosilicate ceramic micro spheres of less than 100 microns in size.

Each micro sphere acts as a sealed cell and the entire mastic acts as a thermally efficient blanket covering the entire structure. These coatings are non-toxic, friendly to the environment and form a monolithic (seamless) membrane that bridges hairline cracks.

They greatly reduce thermal shock and heat penetration by keeping roof surfaces much cooler in hot summer weather.


Reflectance 84%, Emittance 90%, Conductance 0.05 W/mK – unlike typical mass insulation where heat conduction is just slowed down, this technology keeps the heat out. Sun light only produces heat when it is absorbed by a surface. The amount of sun light left over after the reflection process, can either be absorbed into the wall surface as heat, or emitted back out into the atmosphere as infrared light, not heat. The emittance process leaves less than 4% of the radiant energy to be absorbed into the surface as heat. The Acconss coatings, although at a small thickness, have a very low conductivity value to do the rest of the insulation work. PDF

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These coatings have « Variable Permeability » they become watertight when satured by water, and breathe away trapped water vapor when dry.

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