Flat and Sloped Roof UL class A

Product description:

Climate-Shield Roof Coats UL have high reflectance and high emittance as well as a very low conductivity value. They greatly reduce thermal shock and heat penetration by keeping roof surfaces much cooler in hot summer weather and offer UV protection and low VOC’s . The STANDARD formula is used in most climatic conditions. The TROPICAL formula is used in climatic conditions where fungi growth is a major concern. The UL CLASS A formula is used on projects where shear extra-high fire resistance is desired.

Product characteristics

Does not peel, blister or crack
Color save and remains flexible
Reduces sound transmission
Variable permiability
Cost effective
Easily washable
Fast installation

Application areas

Primarily used as a roof coating where joints, seams, cracks and gaps around protrusions are reinforced with a 100% polyester spun laced fabric embedded in the membrane.
They may be utilized wherever a weather resistant membrane-like coating is required.


No primer is usually required. Our Acrylic Flex Tac bonding coat is required to obtain good adhesion between a bitumen substrate and Thermashield water-based roof coatings.

Forms of application

See Technical data sheet